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Getting access to finance should be as simple as talking to dad.

When you need to pay for something quickly or make a purchase so you can grow your business, putting the bill on your credit card isn’t always the best option.

Talk to the team at Dad’s Wallet about a car or business loan that will help you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way

As the experts in this space, we can help you get your desired results, fast.

Services We Provide

Commercial Asset Finance

Borrowing money with a clear purpose in mind can be one of the best strategies to grow your
business faster. Access the money you need to purchase equipment, vehicles, tools and other
assets and start achieving better business results.

Equipment Finance Specialists

Truck Loans

Are you hunting for commercial truck loans? As Australia’s leading truck finance broker, Dad’s Wallet can help you with all…

Car Loans

Many businesses worldwide, irrespective of their scale, depend on a vehicle, ute, truck, motorbike, or even a fleet of vehicles…

Yellow Goods

Though heavy machinery, such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers and tractors, are expensive, they are essential assets needed to operate and…


Looking to buy new machinery to operate your business? At Dad’s Wallet, we help businesses find the right machinery and…

Fit Out Finance

Your office or workplace needs to look good to impress customers and staff. Create an impressive shopfront or place of…

Older Asset Finance

Need old equipment or vehicles for your business but don’t have enough funds? This is where Dad’s Wallet commercial asset…

Low Doc Equipment Loan

When you need to purchase equipment to grow your business, there are better options than putting the bill on your…

Equipment Finance Specialists

Transport Loan

As a transport company, accessing finance is important. You need to be able to pay for cars, trucks, machinery and…

Agricultural Loan

As an agricultural business, every dollar counts. You need to ensure your cash flow is under control so you can…

Hospitality Loan

From the initial fit out to the wide range of equipment needed to operate your kitchen, the upfront expense of…

Construction Loan

Your construction business requires high cost equipment and tools in order to operate. Fund your purchases with a cost-effective loan…

Professional Service Loan

Professional Service providers may not require a great deal of machinery but there is still the expense of vehicles and…

Retail Loan

From the initial fit out to the purchase of stock and the marketing of your business, the upfront expense of…

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Consumer Vehicle Loans

Want to buy a car or upgrade your ride?

A loan is the answer so you can get behind the wheel of a safe, reliable vehicle as soon as possible.

Let us help you find the right car loan for you all ages. Our teachers are all highly skilled when it comes to technique and are looking forward to developing a relationship with your child.


Car Loan


Boat Loan

Jet Ski

Jet Ski Loan


Moter Bike Loan


Carvan Loan

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Why choose
Dad’s Wallet?

Avoid the hassle of trying
to apply for a loan on your

Personalised Service
Personalised service

We work with you one on one to find the loan that’s most suitable for you.

Financial Specialist
Speak directly with a
qualified financial specialist

No more confusing online forms that don’t deliver what you really want.

Ideal for Businesses
Ideal for businesses

Access the finance you need to grow your business and create an exciting future.

Get Your Loan Sooner
Get your loan sooner

We know time is of the essence and give you fast answers on your loan application.

Stay on Top of Your Finances
Stay on top of your finances

A personal loan can help you to consolidate your debts so repayments are easier to manage.

Get the Cash You Need
Get the cash you need

Buy a car, pay for your wedding, plan the trip of a lifetime or upgrade your home with Dad’s Wallet.

Fast & hassle

  • Getting a fast and hassle-free loan is easy with Dad’s Wallet.
  • Speak to our specialists and we will walk you through the process to access the finance you need.
  • We provide an efficient service and connect with a range of Australian lenders so you can have approval in a matter of days, not weeks.

A Quick & Transparent Process

Getting started is easy!

Apply online or speak directly to someone from our team.


Contact Us
Contact Us

Let us know some details about yourself and what kind of loan you’re looking for.


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Choose a Loan

We will make recommendations based on our experience as loan brokers.


Apply and Wait for Approval
Apply and Wait for Approval

We only submit your application if we have total confidence in your success.


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Dad’s wallet helped to lodge over $1 million worth of loan applications during our first month of business alone.