Personalised Loan Service

As easy as asking Dad!

The trouble is it can be very confusing knowing which loan is right for you and understanding all the fine print so you don’t end up going backwards financially.

Dad’s Wallet was created to help Australians to find the loan that’s right for them, apply and gain approval faster.

We provide a team of experts to make the borrowing process easy. Apply now or contact us for more information today.

Our Timeline

March 2021

Dad’s Wallet started helping our customers in March 2021.

April 2021

Dad’s Wallet helped to lodge over $1 million worth of loan applications during our first month of business alone.

Our Mission

We at Dad’s Wallet are focused on achieving great outcomes for our business and consumer clients.

Team @ Dad’s Wallet

Himanshu Batra


Shivani Khurana

Commercial Finance Specialist