Boat Loans in Melbourne

If, like many Australians, you live near the water, having a boat can be one of life’s greatest joys. But the truth is they are expensive. Be it a new or used boat, buying privately or from a marine dealer, you can feel the water faster now with Dad’s Wallet’s quick, efficient and personalised boat loans in Melbourne. Instead of saving up for many years, get the boat of your dreams fast with the help of boat loans.

Why Apply For a Boat Loan?

Cruising local waterways, flying along on a jet ski or puttering about in a tinny are all essential Australian experiences. As an experienced finance broker in Melbourne, Dad’s Wallet doesn’t want you to miss out on these beautiful experiences. With an extensive range of boat finance options, access to various boat loan companies and a team of dedicated brokers ready for service, we can have you on the water in no time.

When you work with an experienced broker, they will ensure (based on your salary and current financial commitments) you do not take on a greater loan you cannot afford to repay.

Paying off the boat loans can also be a clever strategy to help build your credit rating, as long as you meet your repayment requirements and do not default on the loan.

Consumer Boat Loan

Different Types of Boat Loans

There are several types of boat loans available in Melbourne, Australia. Some of the most common types of boat loans are:

  • Unsecured loan: An unsecured boat loan does not require the borrower to provide collateral. The loan is provided based on your credit score and the lender’s risk assessment. Though these loans tend to have higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms, they also don’t put your property at risk.
  • Secured loan: A secured boat loan requires the borrower to provide collateral, such as the boat itself, in order to secure the loan. These loans typically have longer repayment terms and lower interest rates than unsecured loans.
  • Fixed interest rate loan: In a fixed interest rate loan, your interest rate will stay the same for the entire loan term. This means that the borrower’s monthly payments will not change throughout the life of the boat financing. These tend to be attached to higher interest rates and more stringent conditions.
  • Variable-rate boat loan: A variable-rate boat loan has an interest rate that is subject to change over the course of the loan based on changing market conditions. The interest rate is generally lower at the beginning, but the rate can increase over time, leading to higher monthly payments. They have more flexible features like early repayments and redraws.

Get a Stress-Free Loan of Up to $1 Million

Dad’s Wallet is a team of loan brokers who help clients navigate the complex world of boat finance lending, ensuring they get the best possible terms and conditions. We offer a variety of finance options of up to $1 million to business owners looking to purchase a new boat.

How We Help Our Clients Get Boat Loans

At Dad’s Wallet, we provide personal boat loan services in Melbourne that walk you through every tiny detail of your boat loan and ensure you will have approval before submitting your application. We can help you figure out the real cost of borrowing a loan to buy a boat, including the total repayment amount over the life of the loan.

We have connections with a wide range of boat finance lenders. So we can examine and provide all the options available to you, making recommendations based on your budget and timeline requirements.

Talk to our team today so you can get out on the water sooner.

What Dad's Wallet Can Help You With?

  • Reliable new & used boat finance

Whether you are looking to finance your first small boat, upgrade to the latest luxury cruiser or purchase for commercial purposes, the expert team at Dad’s Wallet can assist you in finding the right kind of loan offer for your boat financing needs.

  • Help secure low rates & repayments

As a leading boat finance broker in Australia, we have access to over 40 lending partners and companies. That means we’ll be able to look around and find a lender that offers interest rates and repayments as per your needs and budget. We’ll ensure you’re matched with the best boat loan that Melbourne has to offer.

  • Answer all your questions

When you apply through Dad’s Wallet, you will have access to your own boat finance specialist broker. If you have any questions about repayments, boat loans in Melbourne or anything else, our specialist broker will be just one call or email away to assist you. As a customer-focused finance broker, we strive to provide reliable customer service before, during and after your boat purchase for your complete peace of mind.


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