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Looking to buy new machinery to operate your business? At Dad’s Wallet, we help businesses find the right machinery and equipment loans to buy new equipment or replace and upgrade the existing ones.

We are the leading equipment finance broker in Australia who can help you find cost-effective solutions to cover the cost of new machinery and equipment and scale up production.

Commercial Machinery and Equipment Loan

Why apply for a machinery and equipment loan?

Consistent productivity that contributes to better sales and growth is vital for businesses. In order to achieve this, businesses need to acquire technologically advanced machines from time to time. At such times, businesses opt for a machinery and equipment loan to have enough financial stability to easily purchase new machinery whenever needed. The loan amount can be used to acquire a range of expensive equipment, from IT hardware and telephonic systems to industrial machinery and other forms of plant and assets.

With Dad’s Wallet as a trusted equipment loan broker, business owners can find the most suitable machine and equipment loans to meet their company’s needs. 

Flexible and Affordable Loan Offers

At Dad’s Wallet, we provide a range of flexible machinery and equipment finance offers with fixed interest rates, repayment plans and no hidden terms, helping you get your machinery quickly while keeping your finances in control. As the leading equipment finance broker, we have worked with almost all types of business owners and helped them create a flexible finance plan that is most suitable for their needs.

Who Qualifies for Machinery and Equipment Financing?

Any business that utilises equipment and machinery such as medical equipment, farming machinery, furniture, computers and machinery can make use of equipment financing. But remember, when applying for machine and equipment financing, selecting the right machinery finance broker is essential to get the correct amount of funding to buy your type of equipment.

Key Advantages of Our Machinery and Equipment Financing

Here are some key advantages of our machinery and equipment financing:

  • Better productivity

By using new machinery, you can produce more units in a short amount of time, thus significantly raising your sales.

  • On-time production

Buying new machinery can help manufacture the required goods on time and every time, without any delay.

  • Low chance of defects

With the use of updated machinery, the chances of defects in the product can be significantly lowered.

  • Increased profit

New machinery can help your business boost productivity. An increase in productivity usually results in an increase in sales, giving you more profit.

Talk To a Dad's Wallet Professional Today

With years of experience and strong industry connections, Dad’s Wallet has the expertise to provide the right solutions for all your machinery and equipment loans hassle-free. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose us:

  • Stress-free

We provide complete end-to-end solutions for all your machinery and equipment loan requirement needs, thus helping you stay stress-free and save time and energy.

  • Wide range of choice

We offer a wide range of tailored loan solutions that suit your situation.

  • Reliable support

As a customer-focused service provider, we strive to provide reliable customer service before, during and after your purchase of equipment or machinery for your complete peace of mind.

  • Faster loan processing

We always provide faster responses to all your loan-related queries. As a result, we can help you get a loan in the shortest time frame.

Dad’s Wallet has helped clients lodge over $1 million worth of loan applications within the first month of the business alone. So rest assured, no matter where you’re located, we can help you with all your machinery equipment loan process.

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